(Last Updated On: August 14, 2016)

If you care about your botted Pokemon Go account(s), than you’re going to want to read through this list and create a personal check-list in your brain for botting safely as to avoid getting banned.

We all know right now the accounts that just got banned in this past wave were all HIGH level accounts (27 and higher). Mathematically speaking, it was immensely time consuming to humanly level an account more than 50,000 Experience per hour. Using this knowledge with time-based equations, anyone who had more than this human cap of experience was given a permanent ban. Accounts that spoofed GPS locations, sniped, botted heavily and had no name on it, were all mysteriously given a pass. This let us know a few things, Gaining experience too fast was the most unanimous factor in accounts that received permanent bans.

Moving forward, using what we know with both behind the scenes API changes and encryption we use the best bots still standing.

1- Always double check that you are running the latest bot version when you run it.

IF you’re seeing a lot of errors,  it’s very likely others are receiving the same error and a new version is released OR on the way.

2- Use realistic settings on your bot.

PokeMobBot2 Pathing example - GUI via Visualizer
PokeMobBot2 Pathing example – GUI via Visualizer

PokeMobBot supports realistic human pathing (taking public roads to reach pokestops), it also supports humanized throws and sensor settings. If the bot you’re using doesn’t support at least setting a DeviceID than the bot is not safe to use.

3- If people who ride bicycles don’t get their Eggs hatched for all of their riding, then why set your bot to move that fast?

10 Kilometers per hour is the speed limit for which counting eggs movement for a hatch and it is almost spot-on. Anything faster won’t flag you as a botter; more likely someone in a car or on a bike, but it would prevent your eggs from hatching at a 1-to-1 travel to counted rate.

The bot limit seems to be around 40KM/hr with soft-bans being delivered to IP addresses to travel at this rate of speed. 38KM/hr is the sweet-spot, but why risk it? This speed is only recommended with high API call delays as to not to get soft-banned for that opposed to speeds.

4- Use realistic delays in your bots config.json

Do NOT snipe too fast. This is the biggest contributing factor to permanent IP ban’s

here’s an example from my PokeMobBot config.json file located in the Config folder

 "DelaySettings": {
 "DelayBetweenPlayerActions": 3000,
 "DelayPositionCheckState": 200,
 "DelayPokestop": 2000,
 "DelayCatchPokemon": 500,
 "DelayBetweenPokemonCatch": 2000,
 "DelayCatchNearbyPokemon": 2000,
 "DelayCatchLurePokemon": 2300,
 "DelayCatchIncensePokemon": 5000,
 "DelayEvolvePokemon": 5000,
 "DelayEvolveVariation": 5000,
 "DelayTransferPokemon": 500,
 "DelayDisplayPokemon": 50,
 "DelayUseLuckyEgg": 5,
 "DelaySoftbanRetry": 5,
 "DelayRecyleItem": 500,
 "DelaySnipePokemon": 2000,
 "MinDelayBetweenSnipes": 90000,
 "SnipingScanOffset": 0.003

5- Use a private VPN.

Of course you can be cheap and use any old public VPN, this means that anyone else can jump onto that same VPN and get the IP soft-banned.

You cannot bot more than 1 account per IP address. University IP’s have found this out with entire campuses not being able to see Pokestop’s or Pokemon while logged on through them.

You can put each bot on their VPN IP and go back to botting unlimited accounts from a single computer.

Here’s my personal favorite of all of the paid VPN’s. It also makes botting in other countries less suspicious 😉

  • NordVPN (allows up to 6 simultaneous connections to their network)
    example entry URI would be us249.nordvpn.com for a US server or ca23.nordvpn.com for one of the Canadian ones.

There’s a helpful website that allows you to compare from all the reputable VPS providers see this chart here (the website takes awhile to load). If you want to help out PokeLifeHacks, try out our sponsored link for NordVPN, we’ve done our research and they are also our personal favorites.


    • This is the code I use for NecroBot auth.json if your bot doesnt have a place for port, you enter it behind the ip address like so “us120.nordvpn.com:80” if the port is 80
      "UseProxy": true,
      "UseProxyHost": "usXXX.nordvpn.com",
      "UseProxyPort": "80",
      "UseProxyAuthentication": true,
      "UseProxyUsername": "[email protected]",
      "UseProxyPassword": "XXXXXXXX",

      For PokeMobBot
      "UseProxy": true,
      "ProxyLogin": "[email protected]",
      "ProxyPass": "XXXXXXXXX",
      "ProxyUri": "usXXXX.nordvpn.com:80"

      replace XXXX with a number for NordVPN 1-249 and the email in the email field and password for nordvpn in the pass field.

      • Thank You :-), So using this could i run say MAX 4 instances of PokeMobBot at the same without the risk of getting banned ?


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