(Last Updated On: August 12, 2016)

Catchem is a very nice looking Pokemon Go bot with a lot of power built into the control panel. All settings are controllable directly from the interface. The map allows directed travel by double click and randomized travel based on new poke stop proximity. Definitely a powerful bot since it is based off the PokeMobBot and NecroBot platform.

Catchem PokemonGO bot with modern UI

Based on PokeMobBot project

also some code was taken from NecroBot project

Discord for anyย support

Video of the bot in action:

Extra features (from PokeMobBot) project)

  • [Discovery pathing function -> bot continue to walk in radom direction from pokestop to pokestop, it pick closest pokestop each turn!]
  • [Force move option, just double click to the map and bot will start moving there!]
  • [Proxy support]
  • [All settings from UI]
  • [You can set startup location from the map, just select the bot (don’t hit Start), go to the map tab, and just double-click to desired position]
  • [Full controll of your inventory/pokemons]
  • [Smooth controll of movement speed on the run via MoveSpeedFactor slider]
  • [Make map follow your player]


Player info tab
Map/Console tab
Settings tab

Get Device data from real android device:

  1. [Enable USB debugging at your phone settings]
  2. [Ensure what your PC have proper ADB drivers installed]
  3. [Click “Get Data from Your Android Phone” button at the Settings tab – you are awesome]

Github Repo & Downloads: Click here

Shortcode Error: GitHub repository has no releases


Thanks to Feroxs’ hard work on the API & Console we are able to manage something like this. Without him, this would not have been available.


I you really liked this project, feel free to buy us all a beer, by using PayPal:



    • 1- Download the compressed file (.7z) and extract it to a folder on your PC.
      2- Open the .jar file or .exe (available in new pre-releases.

      • thank you so much. but now i have another question. there comes in the console “No usable PokeStops found in your area. Is your maximum distance too small?” is it a softban, how can i fix it

  1. HI… ive already DL your bot but it seems not working when im opening catchem.exe it always say “Catchem has stopped working”

    Please help ๐Ÿ™‚ looking for fast solution here thanks in advance

  2. anyway to run pogo feeder with this? the sniping option on here is pretty limited . Apart from that this is by far the best ive seen so thanks guys and gals!

  3. how can I download it? I’ve already download it but I dont know how to enter my acct? I cant see tyhe map console information.


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