(Last Updated On: August 14, 2016)

After rigorous testing for the past 24 hours using fresh accounts, I have managed to somewhat debunk some of the new ban types, anyone who is able to capture the packets with a “permanently banned” account receiving one of the two possible login errors, I would appreciate you to look into them.

Capture ban – this ban is a 24 hour time out affecting the catch of Pokemon only and returns the error “CatchFlee” when botting. I have found that after running the bot on 3 accounts for ~6 hours all of the accounts were banned between 1002-1011 Pokemon captures so is based on 1000 Pokemon catches within a certain time frame, my guess on this threshold is probably 12-24, I am going to be testing this by allowing some time before reaching 1000 captures after 12 hours have passed.

Pokestop ban – this ban prevent use of any pokestops for 24 hours. This again occurs similar to the CatchFlee ban, 3 accounts received it after looting 2021-2034 pokestops. Also confirmed to has happened just after 2000 by a few other users. Again I can’t confirm the exact time frame until this threshold is reset, but likely 12-24 hours. The overflow past the 1k and 2k marks for these is probably based on another variable or sheer luck.

Temporary IP ban – this ban prevents any MapObjects from being returned temporarily based on your IP address (Pokestops, Pokemon, Gyms). This occurs from too many accounts/requests on the same IP address at once and can last 10 mins – 1 hour which seems to be based on the severity.

Login errors:

  • Data not received from server: Unknown as to how this occurs, it is still happening to actively running bots, but accounts that were previously botted and haven’t recently been logged into have also received it so it seems to be related to a ban wave.
  • can’t find a reference to the other login error but it is worded differently to the latter mentioning “Player information” I believe: Unknown for occurrence again.

My theory for the login error bans is that they may not be intentional and encourage someone to log the requests being sent before this is received. The reason I believe they are not intentional is that it would be in their best interest to show an actual ban message rather than it looking like they are having server issues still. It may be that a certain feature has been disabled in related to a ban and so the data it needs at login is failing to be returned or if it is a ban then some data may not be accessible also leading to this error being returned, this would make a lot of sense rather than intentionally showing this to banned users on login.

Again, this needs thoroughly testing logging all the requests before this is returned.

Hope this clears up a lot and helps people to potentially avoid the bans.

Thanks to SLxTnT for running these tests initially, has helped a lot to work this all out.

According to /u/Tr4sHCr4fT the API is returning “Status=3” to all requests after the player data is returned from the get_player() function. Hence the data error as it isn’t receiving what it needs to be returned to function properly and doesn’t know how to handle it so errors out. Interestingly the only other instance of a status 3 being returned is when the ToS message is displayed for new accounts, which would suggest it is trying to return data related to the ToS (possibly ToS violation message). This is increasingly looking like a ban, with some PTC accounts being able to even re-create their accounts with the same username. Anyone who was able to do this will have probably had the second error I messaged referencing “Player information”. I think they have added this and the next actual app update will have handling for it to show an account termination error window.

Further observations from SLxTnT-

Pokestop ban:
- Occurs when you search roughly 2k pokestops in a 23 hour timespan.
- No bypasses known.

Pokemon ban:
- Occurs when you catch 1k pokemon in a 23 hour timespan.
- Potential bypass by throwing missing pokeballs 15-30 times. (I haven't confirmed)

Both of these bans have the potential of being lifted every hour. After ever hour, if your total pokemon / pokestops in the last 23 hours is below the ban threshold, you'll be unbanned. If you surpass that threshold, you'll be banned again.


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