How to find out if you are banned in Pokemon Go

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2016)

I made this to make a stop to all the crap, you can check if you are being banned perm, or just having a 24H+ (unknown) softban.

  1. Check if you have any e-mails from niantic regarding the account.
  2. check what error you acutally get. (this only applies to failed to get data)
  3. Go ingame with another account and try to change the name to what your other name was.

If you DID NOT get an email, and can’t change your name to your old name you have gotten one of the new SOFT BANS. If you did get an email and can change your name to your old account you are permanently banned and TERMINATED!


EDIT: Why are there new soft-bans? / probably to make sure cheaters stop taking gyms and ruin the game for others. they might warn you 100 x before you actually get banned.

EDIT 2: With some thinking, what nia might have done is using TEMP (temporarely) bans, anyone playing runescape might understand what I mean.

EDIT 3: How it looks like when your account has been terminated (instant email) (ingress)


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