(Last Updated On: September 15, 2016)

Editor’s note: This bot manager is an intuitive multiple necrobot and proxy managing suite. A lot of customization possibilities with fast controls for transfers using an extensive GUI. If you’ve used NecroBot in the past this will be easy to configure (or you can import a previous config).

Official GitHub Repo – Author SL-x-TnT- 



Note This program uses the default theme and colors (excluding list views in account details). I’m using a custom windows theme, so yours will look different from these screenshots.


– Includes most features that public bots have.
– Stable. Won’t crash or get stuck in an infinite loop.
– Multiple Accounts.
– View Pokedex, Inventory, Pokemon, etc.
– Manually transfer/evolve pokemon. I don’t recommend doing this while the bot is running on the account, but I attempted to prevent any issues that can occur.
– Individual settings for every pokemon/item.
– Import a list of accounts.
– Proxy support

GoManager Configs:
Save as a json file to make things easier. You can import a config on the settings form (see screenshot).

Necro – Using his updated API (with slight modifications) and some methods (IE: navigation).
FeroxRev – Original library
And everyone that contributed to those projects.


:: Notice from Developer ::
– 09/14/2016 at 6:31 PM

Minimum client version was changed to 0.35 on the server side. GoManager auto stops, by default, when that number changes from 0.33. It’s possible to disable it in your settings. Risk is for you to decide. Anything other than 0.37 requests (not reversed yet) carry the same risks. If the RE devs give up on 0.37, all bots die (including this one). If they figure it out and release the information, I’ll update the bot.


Public Discord channel: Discord

GoManager latest Updates & DOWNLOAD


- Update details will now reauth when session is expired.
- Should only set the default location once per account for program lifetime.
- Walking to a location will check for expired sessions.
- Avatar bug fixed.
- Scheduler "last call" now displays in minutes and seconds.
- Added ability to set nickname to IV or custom (manual)


 beta version below


- Running time will now stop when it's waiting for a proxy.
- Fixed bug with proxy removal.
- Fixed bug with constant first pokestop loops.
- Possible to clear proxy failure count now.
- Added default values on the scheduler.
- Mark tutorial complete will now check if session expired
- Status bar will now show how many items selected on main window.
- Can upgrade pokemon.
- Fixed crash on forgetting to add minutes to scheduler time.



A step by step guide on how to set the accounts up and assign proxies.

Setup Guide for GoManager by fadelol#1673


  • Usable HTTP/HTTPS proxies
  • Multiple accounts to use

The guide will not cover how to get proxies or multiple accounts. There are many other posts for that and I don’t want to direct too many users to the same proxy vendor because it will only cause their proxies to get blocked by Niantic.

Step 1: Installing the GoManager
Download and extract the latest version of GoManager to your folder of choice. The download is available through the GoManager discord which is found here: Go Manager discord

Step 2: Creating the accounts and proxies documents
Create a new text file in that folder named accounts as well as a new text file in that folder called proxies. You can do this by right clicking on an empty space in the folder, going to new and selecting Text Document.

When that is done it should look something like this in your folder:

Now open up the username.txt file and fill it with the accounts you wish to bot on. You should fill them in with the format:


Save the file and exit when this is done. Now open the file proxies.txt and enter your proxies in the format:

You can use Authentication required Proxies by following this format, if the proxy is public then you only need to enter the IP & Port with the : as a seperator

Save the file and exit when this is done. For both accounts and proxies you should add one username per line.

Step 3: Loading the accounts into Go Manager

Once you have prepared your account and proxy files launch the GoManager executable file which is called PokemonGoGUI.exe. When it launches there will be a pretty much empty window. Now Right click, go to Import Accounts and select Default. If you have a configuration made in Go Manager that you wish to use for all of your accounts, and is exported, you can select w/ Config.

Now browse to the folder of the GoManager and select your username.txt file. It should let you know that it successfully imported your accounts.

Step 4: Adding proxies
Now select both of the rows with accounts and right click on any of them. The menu will open again. Go to Proxies and select Import Proxies.
Then browse to your Go Manager folder and select and open the file proxies.txt. It will prompt you for how many accounts to use per proxy. I advise that you use two at most, though some have gotten more to work. If you use more then you are likely to receive a temporary IP-ban which will prevent you from botting from that proxy for about an hour.

When selecting OK the proxies will be distributed over the selected accounts with no more than the number of accounts per proxy that you selected.
After this the setup is more or less done. You can now select all bots, right click them and select Start to start them.

That is more or less it. I would be happy to help answer any questions you might have in this thread. If you like the program please support the creator SLxTnT. Donation info is found in his discord, link below.


  • Use the GoManager discord or this thread to find the latest versions.
  • Discord for GoManager found here: GoManager discord, if you like the manager please donate to SLxTnT
  • This post will not cover where to get accounts or proxies, there are many other posts for that
  • If you want to use my config for GoManager which hits 2000 Pokéstops and 1000 Pokémon roughly the same time it is here: Config download and there are 2 more we recommend here for post level 20.
  • I am not claiming the config is safe, use it at your own risk. Be wary to change settings for Pokémon transfer/evolution to your settings before running.
  • If you want to reach me directly I am usually around this discord: Discord


  1. Today, when I tried to use it showed me the error below:

    This bot still working? Does Niantic can to block the BOT?

    Date: 29/08/2016 12:14:45 Type: Warning Message: Login request has timed out (All accounts)

    • Bot still works perfectly. Thing is, if you have a lot of accounts and don’t use proxies within the app you will get you real IP banned for too many connections. Try the VPN providers we recommend

  2. howto get device information for input (real Device) into Device page???
    Device id
    Board name:
    Boot loader: unknown
    Device Brand :
    device Model :
    device Model boot :
    Model Iden :
    Manufacture :
    HW model :
    Firmware Tag : release-keys
    Firmware Brand:
    Firmware type

  3. Date: 9/15/2016 12:56:40 PM Type: Warning Message: Minimum client is now 0.35.0. Stopping …

    I got This warning message this morning on all account, it’s working fine yesterday so i think it’s not about the config i made, i hope it’s fix soon, Thanks and keep Botting 😀

  4. help me get this message
    General hashing exception. Read logs for more details. Exception: Hash server possibly offline. Please try again later


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