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You’re doing it W-R-O-N-G!

Before, we were able to go from levels 1 through 29 in under a day using a bot like Haxton.

The haxton bot was too good!

No human could fly around the map find all the Pokemon, then within seconds throw Excellent, Curved Pokeballs that catch each and every single one. You see, something that obvious would take only 1 line of code to check across their millions of accounts on their database. Now do you see where I’m getting with this? BAN Waves.. My strong theory is that these ban waves were a set of flags and checks on their logs which can trigger a permanent ban when found. Ie, rolling ban waves.

The old days of sniping every rare Pokemon was great, but now the Niantic servers monitor your travel and requests because traveling teleporting like that was intensive on their servers. A mobile service provider in Belgium had their ENTIRE IP range banned from using Pokemon Go servers due to too many map object requests as their pre-paid cards included unlimited access to Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Server Resources Before and After API change to prevent 3rd party apps from accessing the game

Let me make this simple for people who expect to launch every bot and it to magically read their mind and perform optimally to earn millions of xp hourly. Botting means using human-like settings now if you want to keep your account more than a few hours. This means collecting Pokestops under 10km per hour. Pausing at Pokestops. Using 25 seconds to evolve.. YES this means waiting to evolve like some type of peasant human being.

Now that you’re on this higher plane of thinking you’ve also realized that version of NecroBot that got everyone banned (0.8.6-7) to begin with is the same version that didn’t have any of this newer humanized protections built in. So now you upgrade..

Here are my top bots of the week 8/21/2016, this list will change over time but I will update it with newer posts

list updated 8/23/2016 least fingerprinted bots are now GoManager & PokeRoadie

  1. GoManager – There are a few with the same name, this one is incredible because it has great humanization features, is very fast and reliable, has a nice GUI, easy scheduling and proxy setup — and the fact I’ve gone without bans using this for almost a full week.
  2. PokeRoadie – This has very fun features and very realistic tuning to appear more human. If you’re only botting a few accounts, going through the long list of configs is almost more fun than botting itself. Then again, this bot will visit gyms of your color (if turned on) and drop your Pokemon in it if there’s room, then it’ll potion or revive any Pokemon that need it and keep on farming till it reaches another gym 😉
  3. NoxxDev Fork – This version of NecroBot has been hit with the swarm of users that originally used Necronomicon’s original bot, since he abandoned it this Fork has seemed to stand out and the features are finally catching up to MobBot and the like with more humanization and kill switch to stop farming when you approach the ban limit.
  4. PokeMobBot – This bot stands at the forefront of good bots and settings, it’s just that the default configs leave much to be desired as end users will not change anything and expect not to get banned for doing a constant 30k in hourly experience earned and in reality even the most dedicated players can’t hit 25k hourly for more than an hour.

What should you do to not get banned using these bots?

  2. Change the advertising ID or identifier on your phone
    • On iPhone iOS Go to Settings > Privacy.
      • Scroll to “Advertising“.
      • Tap on Reset Advertising Identifier and confirm with the Reset button.
    • On Android devices
      • Go to Apps > Google Settings > Ads.
      • Tap on “Reset advertising ID“.
  3. Always check to make sure you’re using the latest version of each bot.. (common sense but not for everyone not familiar with hacking games)
  4. Use realistic, human-like settings. The bots above all allow variable speeds, make sure the max speed is never higher than 20km/hr or you face an almost guaranteed ban. I personally keep my travel between 3-10km/hr and have had no bans soft or perma.
  5. Use more realistic settings for humanized throws, ie. 10% Excellent throw chance, 20% Great throw Chance, 25% Nice throw chance, 30% Curved throw chance, 70% chance hit within the reticule (meaning up to 30% miss or just an ordinary throw).
    • So now you’re wondering WHY MISS?? WHY GIVE UP PRECIOUS EXCELLENT XP?? and the answer to that is: No human can throw perfect Pokeballs constantly, that seems to be a flag for bans and this is the best way to avoid that and blend your bot in with the Human stats.
  6. Don’t be an idiot and Snipe non-stop.. If you’re dying to get back to sniping, use GoManager for your snipes and use 1-bot to scout each spawn to confirm it is there before using the rest of your accounts. Snipe once to twice an hour MAX. It seems over-sniping leads to bans. If you can resist all together, sniping is a huge indicator that you’re exploiting. Use realistic travel times before logging onto an account after sniping with it if you’re gonna pretend you “traveled” to catch something.

Just remember, it’s not a ban wave! It’s a constant state of crashing waves that run realism checks on your accounts to track and ban botters. If your account has survived a few days of slow botting it is more than less likely not flagged and you should maintain order to retain the account for long periods of time.

Happy Botting!


  1. Heads up, an account of mine got banned using PokeMobBot2. Setup I had was running about 7-8k exp. an hour, so they’re figuring something out.


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