(Last Updated On: August 11, 2016)



“Gotta Hack’em All!”


The Multi-Platform Pokemon-Go farming bot on a whole new human level is here!

Hackémon is designed with a primary intent for it to be very rich in logic, highly customizable, brightly intuitive and of course the most core principle, Undetectability (Ban-Safe) through utilizing human road/path finding under customizable settings with presets.

“Now you officially have no excuse for exercising anymore, you are free to sit back on your ass and eat your pizza while drinking your fav beer ;)”

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Runs on All Operating Systems including Windows,Linux, Mac and OpenBSD



→ List of Current Features:

  • Runs on all PC Operating Systems : Windows,Linux,Mac,OpenBSD, etc..
  • Supports Google & PTC Accounts
  • Intuitive Easy-to-use GUI which displays useful realtime stats.
  • Realtime Visualized Advanced Human Road Walking/Path finding with custom speeds and presets.
  • Ability for a rich customization & Humanization through a wide variety of settings.
  • Visits all pokestops (non cooldowned) in the region based on customized Heuristics.
  • Catches all pokemons while walking to pokestops.
  • Utilitzes the best matching ball to catch the corresponding pokemon.
  • Consumes Raspberries when needed to gain a higher chance to catch a pokemon.
  • Transfers the pokemons to the professor and gain candy.
  • Auto collects rewards on level ups.
  • Ban-safe
  • Auto-Updater
  • Easy Account Switch
  • Supports only PTC on this first release.

→ List of Next Updates Features:


  • Pokemon sniping.
  • Add pokemon Evolving.
  • Add Items Recycling.
  • Add Egg Incubators Utilization
  • Add XP Boost Utilization.
  • Multi Language Support


→ Installation:

All you only need to have in-case you didn’t is Java 8 to be able to run this wonderful bot on any operating system of your liking, extract the zipped files to a destination, run & enjoy!.

Linux Installation Tips: *Make sure to use Oracle JDK 8 instead of OpenJDK 8*

→ Tips:

  • Make sure you you set the longitude and latitude locations under the settings -> general tab, otherwise you might hard teleport and get some soft ban for a short period of time.
  • Make sure you set decent delay times between various tasks under the settings Humanization tab to avoid any possible softbans.

Please use the GitHub repo — when releases are pre-packaged they will be here.

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