(Last Updated On: August 19, 2016)

This is a full fledged and developed bot based off FeroxRev and NecroBot code. This bot adds a GUI, more human-like pathing and better anti-ban features. This makes controlling and configuring your bot on-the-fly a lot easier.

The official GitHub is here you can find compiled releases and instructions below.


GUI for the Pokemon Go – Necrobot

Installation / Usage

  • Download the zip in the latest release


Completes this milestone

  • Update to NoxxDev's Necrobot v0.9.4
  • Added --debug switch and batch file to start in debug mode (with extra console window)
  • Fixed pokelist transfer/evolve and sorting
  • Unzip everything
  • Change the auth.json and config.json to suit your needs
  • Run PoGo.NecroBot.GUI.exe



  • All the original necrobot features (catching, sniping, visiting pokestops)
  • Map of you location, all pokestops, gyms
  • Sniping locations are shown on the map
  • Neat list of all your pokemon with all their stats
  • Transfer, evolve, powerup, rename the pokemon you want directly from the pokemon list
  • View inventory, eggs, transfers, evolving pokemon.
  • Nice workspace design which you can arrange the way you like (and then save)


screen1 screen2



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