(Last Updated On: September 6, 2016)

NemesisBot a NecroBot Fork – KillSwitch, Schedule bot and easy GUI Manager

NemesisBOT with NemesisBot Manager GUI

In case above image didn’t load, see the features below

It has all the Necrobot features and some exclusive features which are listed below

Kill Switch
Set limit of how many Pokemon’s bot will catch and how many pokestops it will spin.
When limit is reached Bot will auto exit.
You can see the live statistics in Nemesis Bot Manager GUI.

Schedule Bot
You can make bot run for X hours then bot will auto close and auto start after X hours, this will continue in a loop until you stop it from the Nemesis Bot Manager GUI.
Run –> Take break —> Run Again (LOOP)

HumanLike Walking
Humans don’t walk at a same speed so why should bots walk with same speed? This feature makes bot walking speed dynamic to make bot look more human like.

Nemesis Bot + Manager version 2.0.2 [FIX 2] LIVE

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# Mega

# MediaFire

For Help, updates and latest news

You can control some features from the NemesisBot Manager GUI and other are in config files in NemsisBot folder which runs as console app.
To use the bot you have to start NemesisBot Manager and click start NemesisBot.

Simple how to run bot tutorial:

1. Run Nemesisbot Manager
2. Click Button “Generate New config file”
3. Slect PTC or GOOGLE according to your pokemon go account
4. Enter username and password
5. Set Schedule bot and killswitch according to your preference.
6. Start NemesisBot by clicking button “Start NemesisBot”

If you want to edit other settings such as GPS location and other millions of settings then edit the config.json file in Config Folder.

Necrobot developers, pokemobbot developers, RocketAPI developers, Pogo Prots and Aeonhack
Thank You to my discord staff admin for handling the discord and my lieutenants (support) and (moderators) for helping with running this discord server.



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