(Last Updated On: August 24, 2016)

PokeFinder3 will search Pokemon maps (currently Skiplagged), for specified Pokemon of your choice, and send them to PokeSniper2 automatically if you choose. This is different than the autosniper feature of PokeSniper2, as this finds unique Pokemon to snipe at that moment, whereas auto sniper, is likely sniping the same Pokemon as everyone else using that feature at that moment.

It gives you the ability to control the rate at which you snipe, I recommend no less than 90 second delay between snipes, and even up to 3 minutes. Recent information suggests that bans happen after a certain amount of Pokemon are caught. Limiting the rate at which you catch Pokemon is one way to combat this system.

PokeFinder3 also allows you to snipe specific Pokemon you need, however not go over a specified limit, you are able to say, Catch only 1 Charizard, for instance. Unlike autosniper, which will catch everything on PokeSniper.com or whatnot, this can catch anything, even commons! Evolve those Pidgeys ’till your hearts content! Or maybe you just need that one pokemon to fill your collection.

PokeFinder3 helps you to avoid missing snipes (flees), by allowing you to ignore Pokemon that are about to expire. Catchflee is a bad word around here, and this feature of PokeFinder3 helps you to avoid that completely, or you can simply set it to 0 and not ignore anything!

I think the best part of PokeFinder3 is that it will detect if your inventory is full, or if you are out of poke-balls, and automatically stop.

PokeFinder3 will search in all Major Cities; All Pokemon Nests, and even allows you to search your own area if you add your coordinates to the coords.txt You could even edit the coords.txt to ONLY inculde your coords if you want to snipe only locally. Or if you really wanted to go crazy THE WHOLE PLANET!

This can NOT filter by IV nor CP, this just finds the poke and lists the coords found on skiplagged, or send those coords to pokesniper. This will also NOT use the pokesniper MinIV or MinCP, as pokesniper only reads those values for autosniper. This tool sends a manual sniper via commandline. We only get the IV and CP after the attempted catch.

Thanks goes to xencodex the original author of PokeVisionFinder,

***How to***

To Search:

  1. Download PokeFinder3
  2. Run PokeFinder3! Enjoy!

To Search and Snipe:

  1. Download PokeFinder3 (below)
  2. Download PokeSniper2
  3. Extract PokeSniper2 and configure the user.xml, and device.xml per pokesniper instructions.
  4. Extract PokeFinder3 to the PokeSniper2 folder you just extracted to
  5. Run PokeFinder3! Enjoy!

Advanced users I suggest creating batch files to quickly change between configurations!

THIS IS MY BATCH FILE; simply create a txt file, copy this into it, and change the extension from txt to bat. It will Run PokeFinder3 with html logging, and attempt to Snipe every 3 minutes ignoring pokemon expiring within 6 seconds, infinitly(or until 100 pokemons are caught).

PokeFinder3.exe -s -L 2 -i 6 -m 100 -l -t 180


PokeFinder3: PokeFinder3 v0.0.1b
>>>Fixed issue; ValueError: invalid literal for float(): while parsing IV
PokeSniper2: PokeSniper2 Required for sniping!

Old Releases:

PokeFinder3 v0.0.1a
Original Release 

Optional Arguments;

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -s, --sniper          Use sniper
  -S, --sniperterminal  Sniper on a different terminal
  -l, --loop            Run infinite
  -L {0,1,2}, --logging {0,1,2}
                        Log pokemons found: 0=off 1=log file 2=html file
  -C, --colors          No colors
  -p POKEMONS, --pokemons POKEMONS
                        List of pokemons
  -f FACTOR, --factor FACTOR
  -t TIMER, --timer TIMER
                        Wait Timer in seconds
  -i IGNORE, --ignore IGNORE
                        Ignore Pokemon with short timer
  -m MAX, --max MAX     Max Pokemon to Catch
  -v {0,1,2}, --verbose {0,1,2}
                        Verbose mode

Running PokeFinder3 with commndline arguments will automatically skip the menu.

Sniper: You can choose to run PokeFinder3 with PokeSniper2, the default is without sniping.
EXAMPLE: Will run with PokeSniper2, with everything else on default.
C:>PokeFinder3.exe -s

SniperTerminal: Runs the sniper in a new Terminal – Not supported well in this version. Off by defualt

Loop: You can run the finder once, or infinitly, looping at the end of the coords file. Default is run once.
EXAMPLE: Will run PokeFinder3 infinitly, only finding pokemon, not sniping them.
C:>PokeFinder3.exe -l

Logging: You have three options for logging. The default is No logging [0], or a plain log file [1], or an HTML version with PokeSniper2:// links in it! [2]
EXAMPLE: Run PokeFinder3 a single time with PokeSniper2 and log it with the HTML file.
C:>PokeFinder3.exe -s -L 2

Colors: Turn off the pretty colors… wait what? The default is to show colors, of course!
EXAMPLE: Infinitly Snipe with no prettyness!
C:>PokeFinder3.exe -s -l -C

Pokemons: Type a list of pokemon to find. The default will find pokemon from the Catch.txt
EXAMPLE: Find and log the coords of these pokemon but don’t snipe them.
C:>PokeFinder3.exe -L 1 -p Pikachu,Charmander,Squirtle,Bulbasaur

Factor: The Zoom Factor of the search, 1 is like 13.85Km diagonal, 2 is like 27.7Km etc. the default is 1
EXAMPLE: Find Pokemon from the catch.txt in a very large search area
C:>PokeFinder3.exe -f 10

Timer: This is the amount of time in seconds to wait after a successful snipe, the default is 90 seconds.
EXAMPLE: Find and Snipe Pokemon from the catch.txt every 3 mins.
C:>PokeFinder3.exe -s -t 180

Ignore: This is the ammount of time left before a pokemon expires that you want to ignore sniping it. Default is 10 seconds.
EXAMPLE: To NOT ignore any pokemon and try to snipe everything from the catch.txt we can find.
C:>PokeFinder3.exe -s -i 0

Max: Maximum pokemon to catch this session – Duh!
EXAMPLE: To fill my inventory, I want to catch 96 Pikachu
C:>PokeFinder3.exe -s -m 96 -p Pikachu

Verbose: Is mostly for debugging, but if you like more detail on errors feel free!


FIX: While parsing “pokemons” for “abra” returns both “abra” and “kadabra” (possibly others?!)
SUGGESTION: Possibly only snipe 1 of each pokemon from catch list?!?


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