(Last Updated On: August 27, 2016)

Welcome to MobBot

Temporary repository until we get our old one back. Erroneous DMCA claims have shut down the main repo for a week or so. We will preserve commit history when we move back to the main repo so feel free to contribute!

Visit our discord to hang out and get updates: https://discord.gg/8msqsWV

*please note the GUI pictured is a representation of the bots pathing and can be viewed through the Visualizer application run simultaneously with mobbots websocket set to true.

Pokemon Go Bot based on FeroxRevs API


Wish to donate? Register on our forums :

[ All PayPal donations are used towards expenses and will have full accounting details posted weekly, beginning 8/5/2016 ]


Donate Bitcoins to FeroxRev (the original API library developer):


  • PTC Login / Google
  • Get Map Objects and Inventory
  • Search for gyms/pokestops/spawns
  • Farm pokestops
  • Farm all Pokemon in neighbourhood
  • Throw Berries/use best pokeball
  • Transfers duplicate pokemons
  • Evolve all pokemons
  • Throws away unneeded items
  • Humanlike Walking
  • Configurable Custom Pathing
  • Softban bypass
  • AutoUpdate / VersionCheck
  • Multilanguage Support
  • Use lucky egg while evolve
  • Egg Hatching Automatically
  • Multi bot support
  • Snipe pokemon
  • Power-Up pokemon


PokeMobBot Small update. v2.0.4ish.
Adds human routing api key to the config, also adds functionality to allow you to miss pokeball throws and some other smaller things. More functionality updates coming throughout the weekend, stay tuned. Rewrite is still in progress, do not expect the new bot for more than a week, still.



- SOURCE CODE (for developers!) - 2.0.3ish sourcer 0 sorrry

I highly recommend you use with it with “Pokemon Bot Visualizer” and “PogoLocationFeeder”  In “PogoLocationFeeder” config set   “VerifyOnSkiplagged”: false.

It is not recommended to snipe atm (Don’t run PogoLocationFeeder). Also only run 1 bot at a time per IP.

Repository access blocked
Provided by GitHub Repo : https://github.com/PocketMobsters/MobBotTemp/

Running Instructions

  1. Download the latest release listed above (most recent download will always show up)
  2. Extract all the files inside the zip to your PokeMobBot folder.. you can use the same one every update
  3. Run PokeMobBot.exe
  4. It will generate a new Device ID inside your Config/Config.json file (editable using any text editor/notepad)
  5. Make sure your location settings are set properly inside the Config.json to avoid getting Soft-banned for fast travel


Ferox – API and Console, without such contributions, projects like this would never have been possible.
PokeMobTeam Dev & staff – Their relentless work day after day on adding new features, ironing out bugs and maintaining the ever growing community.
Everyone else who submitted Pull Requests – Big or small, the work from unmentioned contributors are what makes this project community-oriented.
Everyone who contributed to NecroBot before we split off and became our own entitity, including ourselves since aparently we also need to credit ourselves? Commit history has been lost to history since NecroBot shutdown.


Copyright (c) 2016, MobBotTeam All rights reserved.
Copyrights licensed under the GNU AGPLv3 License.
See the accompanying LICENSE file for terms.


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