(Last Updated On: September 12, 2016)

– Information
PokeSniper2 is a tool to allow you to catch any Pokemon in any location from any location (your current location) without getting softbanned.
Uses the RocketAPI (GitHub)
Original by Neer.

– Examples

– Usage
Run PokeSniper2.exe
PokeSniper2 will ask for the information it needs to snipe Pokemon. Tell it to catch * or Missingno to catch all Pokemon it can find.
If you use PokeSniper2 frequently, edit the included user.xml to quickly load your info.

More ways to use PokeSniper2:

  • Automatic: Run autosniper.bat to have PokeSniper2 automatically catch all Pokemon listed on PokeSnipers.
  • Command Line: Run PokeSniper2.exe Pokemon Latitude Longitude (Use spaces) to have it read from the user.xml, catch the Pokemon and exit.
  • Link: Run registerurl.bat, and then you can click on pokesniper2:// links to instantly open PokeSniper2 and catch the Pokemon given in the link.

Example Link: pokesniper2://Vaporeon/51.4877909406,-0.193884849267
(Vaporeon will be gone already by the time you click this link. But if you clicked it and PokeSniper2 opened to tell you, you know you are set to use pokesniper2:// links.)

Uses automatic ball and berry selection for the best catch chance.

Where can you find Pokemon to snipe?
Visit PokeSnipers /-/ Pokezz.com /-/ Rarespawns.be

Click on the included autosniper.bat to have it automatically snipe all Pokemon on pokesnipers.com

Alternatively you can use PogoLocationFeeder to stream and filter all the rare spawn locations

downloadPokeSniper2 1.12 –  8/28/2016 UPDATE

Added custom delay, preemptive ignore checking, Pokemon hidden check

[Always latest version self-hosted by PokeLifeHacks ->   PokeSniper2 (31360 downloads) ]

PokeSniper2 1.11
Working again! Updated with new API changes.

PokeSniper2 1.9
Can now register an URL handler to allow clicking on pokesniper2:// links for instant catching.

PokeSniper2 1.8
Fixed API rate problem. Fixed autosniping Farfetch’d and Mr.Mime. Added settings <ShowUsernameInTitle> and <CatchEverything> for the autosniper.

PokeSniper2 1.7
Can now choose which Pokemon to catch based on catch list, minimum CP, minimum IV. Added Logging. Bugfixes.

PokeSniper2 1.6
Automatic sniping of Pokemon on http://pokesnipers.com/

PokeSniper2 1.5
Checks for common pitfalls.

PokeSniper2 1.4
Now supports wildcard * or Missingno as Pokemon to search, to just catch everything. Also a better message when the Pokemon fled.

PokeSniper2 1.3
Adjusted some delays to prevent softbans and better error handling

PokeSniper2 1.2
Slow and steady wins the race.

PokeSniper2 1.1
PokeSniper2 will now tell if you are softbanned.

PokeSniper2 1.0


  1. Do you know if there has been any FAQ written on how to fill in the device.xml in the latest versions of ps2 yet? If you don’t fill it in or change it from default will it cause a ban?

  2. Servers are up yet it says “received an error while running Messafe :Invaild URI :the hostname couuld not be parased.”


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