(Last Updated On: August 13, 2016)

A Pokémon Go bot in C#



  • PTC / Google Login
  • Get Map Objects and Inventory
  • Live map showing Pokéstops and farming path
  • Search for Pokéstop
  • Farm Pokéstops
  • Farm all Pokémon in the neighbourhood
  • Evolve Pokémon
  • Transfer Pokémon
  • Powerup Pokémon
  • Force unban
  • Use LuckyEgg
  • Auto-Recycle uneeded items
  • View all Pokémon CP/IV %
  • Transfer/Powerup/Evolve Pokémon
  • Output level and needed XP for levelup
  • Output Username, Level, Stardust, XP/hour, Pokémon/hour in Console Title
  • Automatic use of Razzberries
  • Automatic Update checker
  • Logs everything into Logs folder

Getting Started


Download the bot from the release tab.
If you want the latest Beta-Build, you have to download the build from the Beta-Build branch and compile them by yourself with VisualStudio 2015.
Waning: Beta-Builds are unstable and might cause damage to your account, use at your own risk

v2.0.0 Release

Finally, v2.0.0 Release has come!


New features

  • A complete change in the logic part. We now merge with Necrobot since they are more stable and have a better structure than our logic part.
  • A completely new SettingForm, Tones of settings visualize on one single gui.
  • And more! Please refer to the previous beta builds if you want more detail changes.

Changes that worth mention

  • We updated our protocol to 0.35 😉

Thank you for all the support. Without this awesome community, RocketBot won't be able to walk this far and become such an amazing project 😀

Please consider using the link below to download RocketBot to support me, it will redirect you to the download after a 5-second ad 😉 http://adf.ly/6561732/download-v200-release

v1.8.2.4 Release

-New item recycles settings -New device settings -Auto-Incubating -CP/IV duplicate mode(Currently unable to set from setting form, have to manually set "CP/IV Duplicate" in config file) -Numbers of bug fixes

image image

v1.8.2.0 Release

-Logic improvements, fix flag issue -UI updates again!

v1.8.1.0 Release

-UI updates. Now you can bulk transfer pokemons! -Some bug fixes

v1.8.0.1 Release

-Fix IV not showing -Added a warning for any speed setting higher than 30km/h

v1.8.0.0 Release

-Update to the latest protobuf. Finally! -We got a new name now: RocketBot 😀

Special thanks to @Jimmy062006 & @Ricky & All the awesome developers in #dev-tea-house!

v1.7.3.2 Release

  • Remove unnecessary message when evolving pokemons
  • Fix pokemon list scrolls after refresh
  • Replace annoying msgbox notification with simpler console message
  • Minor ui changes

v1.7.3.1 Release

  • Fixes evolve text and evolve-xp-not-count bug
  • Fixes razz berry count error
  • Update map after saving the setting
  • Fix pokeui 403 error, image now acts as a resource and not downloading from web
  • Fix a bug that causes textbox to lose focus when mouse moves inside map in setting form
  • Fix a bug that allows users to enter unpermitted values in setting form, causing it to crash
  • Add a tip to the find location textbox

v1.7.3.0 Release

Numbers of bug fixes

v1.7.2.1 Release

New major UI update with many bug fixes


There are problems with google oauth login, so we have to use account and password to login for now.
To ensure your account’s safety, we suggest you to creat an app password just for botting. This will also allows users with 2-fact-auth enable to use the bot.
Tutorial on how to use app password: Google support


Change your settings using the settings tab on the bot. If you want more advance settings, edit the settings file under the bot’s folder.


Click Start Bot and enjoy!

How can I contribute?

For users:

You can contribute in many ways, here are some that you can do to help the project out!

Join discord channel and help answer questions

We have more and more users everyday, so we have alot of questions form new users who haven’t fully understand how the bot works yet. If you want to help them out, join our official discord channel 🙂

Answer questions in issues

Same as above, you can help by answering questions in the issues tab!

Report bugs

Report bugs you found in issues.
In order to help us fix the problem, please take a screenshot of the error you get and also attatch your log file (under the Logs folder) as well. Add [Bug] to the title to help us quickly identify the category of the issue.


Tell us what you think we can do better in issues.
Give detailed discription to help us understand what you are looking for. Add [Suggestion] to the title to help us quickly identify the category of the issue. Your suggestion might not be accept, but hey, maybe we will accept your suggestion next time! 🙂

For developers:

You can contribute to the project by helping us on coding.
Fork this project and creat a new branch to add your code or fix a know issue.
Use pull request to submit your code. Remember, submit to Beta-Build branch! 😀


We are not accepting donations currently 🙂 If you really wanna contribute, consider doing the stuff above! 😀



  • google – Google login
  • ptc – Pokémon Trainer Club


  • username – for PTC account. No need for when using Google.


  • password – for PTC account. No need for when using Google.



  • password – for Google account. No need for when using PTC.


  • token – for Google account. No need for wen using PTC. (Obsolete)


  • 12.345678 – Latitude of your location you want to use the bot in. Number between -90 and +90. Doesn’t matter how many numbers stand after the comma.


  • 123.456789 – Longitude of your location you want to use the bot in. Number between -180 and +180. Doesn’t matter how many numbers stand after the comma.


  • time – Every X amount of time it prints the current level and experience needed for the next level.
  • levelup – Only outputs the level and needed experience for next level on levelup.


  • seconds – After X seconds it will print the current level and experience needed for levelup when using time mode.


  • false – Recycler not active.
  • true – Recycler active.


  • seconds – After X seconds it recycles items from the filter in Settings.cs.


  • english – Outputs caught Pokémon in english name.
  • german – Outputs caught Pokémon in german name.


  • cp – Use RazzBerry when Pokémon is over specific CP.
  • probability – Use RazzBerry when Pokémon catch chance is under a specific percentage.


  • cp value – If RazzBerryMode is cp. Use RazzBerry when Pokémon is over this value
  • probability value – If RazzBerryMode is probability. Use Razzberry when % of catching is under this value. Between 0 and 1.


  • none – disables transferring
  • cp – transfers all Pokémon below the CP threshold in the app.config, EXCEPT for those types specified in program.cs in TransferAllWeakPokemon
  • leaveStrongest – transfers all but the highest CP Pokémon of each type SPECIFIED IN program.cs in TransferAllButStrongestUnwantedPokemon (those that aren’t specified are untouched)
  • duplicate – same as above but for all Pokémon (no need to specify type), (will not transfer favorited Pokémon)
  • all – transfers all Pokémon


  • CP – transfers all Pokémon with less CP than this value.


  • IV – transfers all Pokémon with less IV than this value. Between 0 and 1.


  • Speed – Travel speed in km/h


  • px – Pixel size for Pokémon Thumbnails


  • true – Catch Pokémon and get Items from PokéStops
  • false – Don’t catch Pokémon and get Items from PokéStops


  • false – Evolves no Pokémon.
  • true – Evolves all Pokémon.


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