(Last Updated On: August 23, 2016)

With Niantic implementing the recent CatchFlee ban when you hit 1,000 Pokemon/2,000 Pokestops per day, I figured I’d take a look at implementing a killswitch and other improvements into a current bot (in this case Necro/MobBot). I then took it a little further and increased the humanization factor of the bot by adding varying walk speeds among other internal fixes. With these changes in place, I am hoping that the chances of bans are greatly decreased and that our accounts remain safe.This bot is NOT intended for users who want ridiculous exp/hr or to snipe all across the globe.

Note: I may or may not continue developing this depending upon user response and usage. If it’s a hit, I will work on it further. If not, expect this to be the only release. I do not take any responsibility for banned accounts. While this bot is being worked on to help increase “AI”, it is not a guarantee that you will not be banned.

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Decryption Key: !Gp6SfZlj8c4G260r-KDkgic4S56_uvx6ya2ULxstk-k

v.0.2.1 Updates

  • Added a catchflee ban checker and automatic shutdown. Once you string together X flee’s in a row, the bot will close down as a safety precaution. This amount of flee’s should never occur in a row otherwise, so I figured it was a safe number.
  • config.json auto update – You may now edit your config.json while the bot is running. As soon as a change is made and the file is saved, the bot will recognize it and reload the variables from the config file.
  • Fixed bugs in killswitch logging. It will update the log must more consistently to give you the most accurate count.

v.0.2.0 BETA Updates
Note: This is a BETA release as I haven’t had a TON of time to test it yet. It has worked just fine in my trials, but let me know if you encounter further bugs and I will attempt to work on them this weekend.

  • Killswitch stat logging. When a killswitch threshold is reached, it will output a .XML log file to your bots-filepath -> KillswitchStats (folder) -> $name-KillSwitchLog.xml. Hopefully this will help those who set lower killswitches but still want to track how many Pokemon they caught during their last run so that they can run again later and adjust thresholds. YOU WILL NEED A FOLDER NAMED “KillswitchStats” IN YOUR BOTS DIRECTORY!Let me know if you have further suggestions on this!

  • Added a new option under StartupSettings called “MaximizeKillswitchXP”. When this option is set to true, the bot will aim to maximize your experience once the TotalPokemon killswitch has been hit. So, for example, if your killswitch for Pokemon is 5, but for Pokestops its 20, you will always catch 5 Pokemon and hit 20 Pokestops before the bot kills itself. In a future release I will have it work the other way around too, but for now I have never hit my Pokestop cap before hitting my Pokemon cap.
  • Added incense support! For whatever reason, the base I used did not provide incense usage support. I have worked it into TuringBot so you should see a nice boost to Pokemon/hr when you have incense available.
  • Minor mathematical fixes to change important stats from ‘bankers rounding’ to a more accepted method. This will enhance numeric accuracy.
  • Minor text fixes


  • HTTP(S) Proxy Support! You are now able to enter your proxy information into the auth.json file and the bot will tunnel your connection through that IP if it is a working IP address. Personally, I set up ‘squid’ on my Windows 2008 R2 server and am using it as a proxy. Google/YouTube how to do this if you’re a server owner! Note: Socks4/5 is not supported, sorry!

  • Tweaked the standard configs to provide better out of the box settings. I still suggest checking the config.json going forward.
  • Minor text fixes 😉


  • Humanized walking – The speed you enter in the config file now has a floating point! No more walking at the same exact speed. You don’t walk at a consistent 20km/h when playing in person, so why should the bot? (ex. If you set 40km/h in the config, the bot will walk from Pokestop to Pokestop at a range of 32km/h to 48km/h)
  • Pokemon/Pokestop tracker – All Pokemon catches and Pokestop visits are logged at the top status bar. Keep an eye out for the thresholds of 1,000 pokemon/2,000 pokestops per day!
  • Killswitch – Going to be away from your computer? Set a killswitch value to have the bot close once a certain number of Pokemon are caught or Pokestops are looted.
  • Improvements to how Pokestops are chosen/traveled to – Hopefully this will give a boost (albeit minor) to exp/hr.
  • Minor text fixes 😉

Upcoming Updates

  • Proper tracking of your threshold status over a 24 hour time period. I will be working to create a local file to store your current pokemon/pokestop # and timestamp so that the bot can intelligently continue botting even after crashes.
  • Get incense usage working properly.
  • Implement CatchFlee counter so that the bot can perform a certain action (only collect pokestops? close? not sure yet) when flee-bans are found.
  • KillswitchMaximizeExp – I will be working on adding an option to continue to collect pokestops even once your killswitch limit for pokemon has been reached. It will also work in that if you hit your pokestop limit first, it will continue to catch pokemon until both thresholds have been hit. This will require a minor codebase rework so this will take some time.

Usage Suggestions

  • Do NOT bot on your main! While I am trying my best to make this bot as humanlike as possible, there are NO guarantees. You could very well be banned. Only bot on accounts you don’t mind losing.
  • Keep walk speed at or under 50km/h
  • IMPORTANT: Keep the killswitch set – Have the bot kill itself when 975 pokemon/1975 pokestops are reached. It does not work off of your current local timezone but rather the bots runtime, so if you kill the bot and restart it, you’ll need to remember the amount of pokemon caught and pokestops visited from the previous run during the 24 hour timeframe and adjust the killswitch accordingly.
  • Do not snipe (at least on your main) – Users are reporting an increase of CatchFlee errors when changing locations quickly! Sniping is currently pretty buggy and I am not devoting as much time to fixing it as you’d probably prefer. Use other bots if you’d like to snipe for now!


This bot is based on code by NecronomiconCoding / NecroBotIO



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