Cross-platform GUI Java Pokemon Ninja Bot

(Last Updated On: July 31, 2016)

After many near-sleepless nights of coding (and tons of caught pokemons I feel it is time to release the Pokemon Go bot I have made.
Bot is written in java, meaning you can run it on any system that has the latest version installed:*
Many of the existing bots are console based, but decent UI is a must-have in my opinion, so that’s the reason for creating it.

Initial version is simple:
*- You can log in with your PTC or Google account, then it downloads information and shows the main UI
*- In the main UI it is possible to configure the start location of your walking, walking speed and toggle some tasks on/off.
*- From the main UI you can also open up the inventory manager to easily evolve or grind your pokemon, view egg hatching statuses and drop items.inventory_pokemons
NB! Right now managing the inventory while other tasks are running is not supported because it does not work well, plus in real app you cannot catch a pokemon and drop items at the same time

Walking direction generation is kept simple for the first version: you enter the target coordinates and the the bot generates takes a 1km by 1km box around that point, generates random walking paths into it to mimic people looking for pokemons locally (can be made configurable later) and then starts walking around.
To get the coordinates, go to, search for a place nearby you, click on the map and type the coordinates you see into the bot.



Have go at it and let me know how it works for you

Planning to add a manual map generation in future version so it would be possible to*enter the path yourself and see where the bot is walking.

Direct download link for V2: –

More bot-related information will also soon be available at PokeBot.Ninja – Catch your pokemons like a ninja

Virustotal scan:…is/1469983460/


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