Do permanent bans exist in Pokemon Go?

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2016)

If you’re getting an error saying “Failed to get game data from the server.” 

It means you’re most likely permanently banned.

Confirm if servers are down or slow in your region by checking:

Some IP’s have been given longer periods of softban. A symptom of this type of softban is ability to collect XP at pokestops but unable to catch Pokemon or see them.

You should probably stop all botting until further notice. This situation is still developing and we do not know if this is some sort of banwave. There are many different reports flying around and everything is very hectic. Please be patient until we get everything under control and find the root cause of these new problems. You should not panic. What we know so far:

– Some users are experiencing CatchFlee on every Pokemon, but can still use Pokestops

– Some users can still catch Pokemon, but can’t use Pokestops (This was confirmed to not be a normal softban)

– The Haxton project has been abandoned and the developer has quit

– The NecroBot project has been forced to shut down, whether that be because of legal reasons or technical limitations –

Low xp/hr bots that mimic real human behavior seem to be unaffected as of now We’ll be updating everyone as more information comes in and we know more about the situation at hand.


  1. I have been botting for 10,5 hours now (using Necrobot v0.8.6) with default settings, and have zero (none) softbans or any problems what so ever 😀

    EXP/H 17,823

    Yep it is low, but hey it is still way faster than me 😀


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