(Last Updated On: August 12, 2016)

All hard-banned accounts will see one of these two screens or receive this e-mail.


This ban appeal page popped up on the Niantic support softbansite: https://support.pokemongo.nianticlabs.com/hc/en-us/articles/225146308

There are a large number of bans with this type, which have been reported in some of the bot discord channels. While we’re not 100% sure they’re permanent yet, better safe than sorry.

Edit: I want it iterate whether these are permanent or not is currently speculation, but so far everyone I’ve talked to who received the “Our servers are humbled by your incredible response”/”failed to get game data from server” has still been unable to log in. It has been 12-24 hours for a lot of people so far. This ban is not the same as a softban, they did add new softbans recently see below. Also it seems to only be botters who have had this happen, and most botters still have not been banned. Finally, no this is not a server issue. Yes you can get this message during server errors, but if you get it only on one account for an extended duration, it is a ban.

To clear up confusion there are several types of bans:

Soft IP ban Ban the IP but not the account (not permanent). All accounts on the ip will be unable to see pokestops and pokemon. Usually goes away after 20 mins of not accessing the pogo api from that IP.

Hard IP ban Ban the IP perm. This happened to cloud providers like AWS. You can’t log in or access pogo at all from one of these IPs. Never goes away.

Soft ban Account specific – there are now multiple types of softbans: (time to go away varies)

  1. Spinning pokestops gives nothing, and pokemon always run on the first ball. (this was the original softban)
  2. Spinning pokestops is fine, but pokemon always run. (added today)
  3. All pokestops say out of range, and no pokemon ever spawn (added recently)
  4. You can catch pokemon fine, but can not spin pokestops
  5. People have reported various other types of softbans which may be per account or ip

Hard ban Permanent ban (Read data error on phone). This is the new ban that botters have been getting. If you get a login error, it does not mean you are banned for sure, but if you were botting or teleporting and you can’t log in on that account from any IP, and you can use other accounts – good chance thats a hardban.

EDIT: People wondering what actions cause the ban. It is still unknown, but it seems related to highly frequent requests involving teleporting. However, any third party api usage or GPS spoofing voilates their TOS and it is possible you can receive a ban. I recommend not using any 3rd party service or spoofing for at least 24 hours. IMO, If you have never botted or spoofed/sniped, it is unlikely you will get banned. But I would avoid using any services that require your login until this is sorted out.

EDIT: People who want more evidence, just go to https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemongobotting the entire subreddit is filled with people getting banned. Also one of the biggest bots shut down development for legal reasons (Necrobot). https://github.com/NECROBOTIO/NecroBot

EDIT: A lot of players saying the accounts that got banned were holding down gyms. Getting reported by players for holding gyms could increase your chances. Note that players confirmed accounts that have never taken a gym have been banned, so it is not a requirement.


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