(Last Updated On: August 1, 2016)

This is version 2 of MonsterMMORPG’s Rare Pokemon Hunting & Farming Bot –

Based on latest Necro 0.5.0

It lacks nothing and all functions working awesome

As necro update i plan to update too so keep watching the Github

Here the project repository :

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It utilizes very famous PokemonGO Map project and it is easy to install :

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PokemonGO Map project is necessary to chase and hunt down both rare Pokemon and farm more Pokemon faster and more efficiently

Please read the project README file very carefully to learn how to setup etc

I am easily hitting 50k exp per hour with out sniping and farming in my local city

I do not suggest sniping as it is 100% ban without any false positives

And you do not need sniping with PokemonGO Map project integration

Features of Pokemon GO Rare Pokemon Hunting Farming Bot?

  • More advanced Pokemon hunting by PokemonGo Map
  • Rare Pokemon priority hunting by PokemonGo Map
  • More realistic hunting by staying in your local town without sniping
  • Sniping is 100% ban without any false positives
  • Auto switch between Pokemon hunting and PokeStop farming according to Poke Ball count
  • Full scale account details logging. The details file is saved in the folder where you run your NecroBot.exe
  • Perfectly stable can run over 24 hours
  • I am farming 8 accounts right now. So, i am making changes as necessary as a farmer
  • Never gets soft banned because it always do human walking with the speed limit you have defined
  • Settings are optimized for Level 30+ farming
  • More logical PowerUp/LevelUp Pokemon logic
  • Pre-defined PokeStops location input. Thus, it can move to next PokeStop location once you are out of PokeBalls
  • Much better PokeStops farming logic


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