(Last Updated On: August 7, 2016)

Alpha release of the NecroBot with GUI

screeny :

login Screen :

to start the bot after login (be carefull to have entered good creditentials otherwise bot will close)

and then the main UI

– it works exactly same as necro official one
– but you should disable autoupdate
– just set your password and account name when prompted in auth.json
-the run the NecroBot.exe in release folder

-its just alpha release so its just a CONCEPT

dont forget to Rep+ and thanks if you like it

dont forget to change config.json to make bot faster :P, it run slow if you dont up the 15 basic move speed

antivirus scan : https://www.virustotal.com/fr/url/1f…1073/analysis/

29.7.2016 update
-fixed some flickering list
-change some UI
-moved inventory from left to right tabs
-removed extra tabs
-more to come…

30.7.2016 update
-ported to 0.4.0 necronomicon base
-added inventory pokemon viewer ( click on inventory pokemon to see its profile)
-added transfer (button in profile)
-NB evolve is not implemented yet it do close profile only
-Some other minors UI changes (color…)

31.07.2016 update
-ported to PokeMobBot version
-unfortunately atm its not the last one
-added tab sorting for inventory items
-reduced size of items in inventory tab
– !!! inventory is still a bit buggy, sorry for this

you should NOT put auth creditentials in JSON file

hello v0.7.0 is out (simple UI for necrobot)
-added some kind of managment (the little pokeball icon let you manage your pokemons at runtime)
-you can (change Nickname,transfer,evolve,upgrade)
-I know i didnt put all infos at the moment but ill do my best to doit
-Added also a loggin window (you can run severa instances of bot, but actually with same farm parameters… up to you to copy bot folder if needed)
-revamped UI since the next revamp

-to start bot you need to click on play button

GUI NecroBot (1744 downloads)


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